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APSARA National Authority Does Not Support Using the Flag to Design Clothes

PHNOM PENH: The Deputy Director-General and Spokesperson for the APSARA National Authority has stated that it is not appropriate to use the Cambodian flag to design clothes, adding that the flag is a symbol of the Khmer nation and represents the spirit of patriotism. He made these remarks on Monday, in response to a video production company planning to use clothes resembling the Cambodian flag in a new music video.

APSARA National Authority Spokesperson Long Kosal emphasized that the national flag also represents the honor of military heroes who go out to fight for national defense or to carry out humanitarian missions abroad. When a life is sacrificed on the battlefield, the nation always expresses its gratitude by covering coffins with the national flag as a sign of great respect.

He stressed that for these reasons it is therefore not appropriate to use the image of the flag in designing apparel. He described that it is an insult, for example, when someone wears clothing designed to look like the flag, and they sit on top of it, or get their clothes dirty, as the flag represents the whole nation and should be treated in a manner that is more sacred.

He further added that if someone wants to show true patriotism, then they can visit the cultural heritage site of Angkor Wat and do their part to help protect the environment, which would be much more appropriate ways to display pride for the Khmer nation.

The APSARA National Authority’s comments come after a video production company designed clothes made out of the Cambodian flag to be worn by performers in a music video that was originally planned to be filmed at the Angkor Archeological Park. 

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