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Draft Sub-Decree on Railway Management to Reduce Accidents and Facilitate Traffic

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Public Works and Transport held a meeting to review and discuss the draft sub-decree on the management of transit roads and railways in order to facilitate management and avoid any accidents that may occur.

The Secretary of State of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Pal Chandara, chaired a meeting to review and discuss the draft sub-decree on the management of transit roads and railway lands on Monday, 28 February, at the Ministry's office, with the participation of the leadership of the Ministry and stakeholder’s expert teams.

The purpose of this draft sub-decree is to establish a mechanism for the management of railway crossings and railways, and to set out the necessary legal measures to increase the efficiency of managing, preventing and eliminating violations in the crossings and railways.

This mechanism will facilitate the relevant authorities and sub-national administrations to manage and provide legitimacy to citizens who own real estate on the railway, and will also contribute to the prevention of accidents and facilitation of reducing traffic on the railway.

The Ministry of Public Works wrote confirming on its Facebook page, "This mechanism will help maintain the quality of the railway in accordance with the technical standards to ensure the service life of the railway, the maintenance of public order and the improvement of the beauty of the railway."

Secretary of State Pal Chandara provided suggestions and allowed for a discussion on the general format, also to mention the relevant points and important articles that are both necessary and not necessary for the preparation of this draft sub-decree before reaching a decision on each article in the next work meeting.

He added that representatives from the Ministry of Economy and Finance will attend the next meeting to provide suggestions and input on the management of land, roads and railways, addressing impacts and past practical experiences for preparing the two draft sub-decrees, both for the management of road forage land and railway forage land in a more comprehensive and in-depth manner.

In the past, there have been frequent accidents on the railway. On the night of Monday, 28 February, a Ford car also collided with a moving train in Choam Chao 3 commune, Por Senchey district, Phnom Penh.

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