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Police Finds Case of Detained Chinese Man Held as Slave to Sell Blood to be Fake

PHNOM PENH: The General Commission of the National Police has issued a press release stating that it has found a case involving the detainment of a Chinese man as a slave to sell blood to be in fact fabricated, in order for the Chinese man and his party to avoid repurcussions from illegally crossing the border to enter Cambodia.

According to the press release issued by the General Commission of the National Police on Monday, after the specialized unit conducted an urgent investigation into this case, including inspecting several relevant locations and identifying witnesses after a number of media outlets and social media sites reported on the arrest of Chinese nationals as blood-selling slaves in Sihanoukville's Chinatown area, the case was found to be a fabricated lie.

The unit found that it was fabricated information organized by LI YA YUAN LUN, a 31-year-old Chinese man who was being treated at Bethune Hospital, Cambodia-China, Phnom Penh, and three other people involved.

According to the statement, LI YA YUAN LUN claimed to be the victim. In fact, he had been smuggled into Cambodia illegally, but due to a physical illness, he had to contact a group of people to help him find a way to get out of this predicament.

There were three involved in helping LI YA YUAN LUN fabricate the false information about his detention, torture and sale of blood as an excuse to help LI YA YUAN LUN escape responsiblility before the law in Cambodia.

Currently, LI YA YUAN LUN and the three people involved, including one woman, have been detained by the authorities to build a case to be sent to court for legal action.

The General Commission of the National Police has called on all media outlets and social media sites to revise the publication of the above fabricated information to avoid confusion from the national and international public.

On 18 February 2022, many media outlets reported on the case of a Chinese man named LI YA YUAN LUN who was detained, kept as a slave and reportedly had his blood pumped for sale in Sihanoukville. The Chinese man claimed that he was tricked from being brought from China through Vietnam to Cambodia.

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