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Pailin Police Crack Down on Illegal Online Gambling and Suspected Money Laundering

PAILIN: Police searched an apartment in Pailin Province and found some electronic devices related to crimes, including illegal online gambling and money laundering.

On Thursday, 17 February, the Pailin court and provincial authorities inspected a number of criminal items that the Stung Karch police force, in cooperation with the Economic Crimes Plan, had confiscated. The items included computers and other devices that authorities suspect the homeowner may have used to illegally conduct online gambling.

After the investigation, the police identified many more crimes such as tax evasion, stockpiling and distribution of illegal online gambling, and even a potential case of money laundering, that the police will continue to investigate.

On Sunday, 13 February, the police raided the apartment of a 39-year-old man, Chan Veasna, at 05:05 PM in Phsar Prom Cheung village, Stung Karch commune, Sala Krao district of Pailin province, over suspicion of conducting illegal online gambling activities.

The Deputy Commissioner for Economic Crimes, Mey Rithy, said that the items confiscated by the police force included 122 CPUs, 2 laptops, 251 monitors, 124 keyboards, 2 printers, 22 electric motors and some other equipment.

He added that after the police investigated and counted up all the devices used to commit crimes, the Governor of Pailin Province, in cooperation with the Prosecutor of the Provincial Court, Seng Kimlak, inspected the evidence and prepared to send all the materials to the Pailin Provincial Court.

He confirmed that the owner of the raided location is currently on the run while the authorities continue the investigation and seek his arrest.

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