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Em Chan Makara: The Sun Hak Peace Award for PM is a testament to his sacrifice for the people to achieve "peace"

PHNOM PENH: Secretary of State of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Secretary-General of the Disability Action Council, Mr Em Chan Makara, congratulated Prime Minister Hun Sen on the occasion of receiving the Sun Hak Peace Prize in Seoul on the morning of 12 February 2022. He said that the peace award that the Prime Minister received was recognition as well as showing to the world his peaceful leadership of him.

Mr Em Chan Makara said that under the leadership of the country for more than 40 years, Prime Minister has made many achievements, such as the liberation of the country from the Khmer Rouge regime, negotiations, the establishment of the Paris Agreement, negotiations and win-win politics, end the civil war that has brought complete peace to this day. In addition, he said, Prime Minister Hun Sen became more prominent at a time when the world was facing uncertain geopolitical challenges and the words "peace" and "negotiation" were increasingly being used.

He echoed Prime Minister's remarks at the opening of the World Peace Summit yesterday: "War cannot be ended by war", which is a short but meaningful word for pacifists and those who Are torn apart by war to think about.

The Sunhak Peace Prize was created to recognize dignitaries and institutions that have served humanity, which can serve as a model for a better world for future generations. The Sun Hak Peace Prize is an international peace award established in 2015 to commemorate the peace vision of the founders, Mr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr Hak Ja Han Moon.

President of the Sun Hak Peace Foundation, Mr Tomash G. Walsh, stated that the selection of Prime Minister Hun Sen for this award is due to his strong leadership of him as the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia for many years and has really contributed to the building of stability, economic development and peace in the Kingdom of Cambodia and in the whole of Southeast Asia.

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