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Canada Can Provide Training to Cambodia On How to Build Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure

PHNOM PENH: The Canadian Ambassador to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, Sarah Taylor, has stated that Canada can provide training for building environmentally friendly technology in response to a request from the Minister of Public Works to receive support to allow the next generation of Cambodians to build their own sustainable infrastructure.

The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Senior Minister Sun Chanthol, said in a meeting with Ambassador Sarah Taylor, that Cambodia has established the Techo Sen Institute of Public Works and Transport to train the next generation of Cambodians to be able to build physical infrastructure without external help, but there is currently a need for support in developing the curricula surrounding the engineering of roads and bridges, with a particular need for qualified professors.

In response, Ambassador Taylor said that Canada also offers scholarships to all ASEAN countries on various skills for capacity building, sending professors for hands-on training, sharing the Canadian experience and best practices related to the principles of state partnership and private infrastructure construction.

The Canadian Ambassador said hat Canada has the technical expertise to build environmentally friendly infrastructure, and can thus advise Cambodia on this matter. She added that they are looking for local partners, especially universities, to collaborate with on curriculum development for Cambodian students.

Senior Minister Sun Chanthol also mentioned the project to develop Cambodia's public transport system, including the addition of an Automated Train, Subway and Monorail Development Project to reduce traffic congestion in Phnom Penh, and asked Canada to help review the development strategy of these projects as well.

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