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PM Focuses on the Development of the Northeast

KRATIE: Prime Minister Hun Sen has said that the connection of infrastructure to the Northeast might seem a bit biased with other provinces. China has helped build a lot of infrastructure in the Northeast because these provinces have a bitter history and needs progress more than any other provinces in Cambodia.

At the inauguration of National Road 7 in Kratie province on 7 February 2022, Prime Minister Hun Sen has mentioned why there is a need to develop and build infrastructure like roads in the Northeast because the area is the poorest area in Cambodia that needs to be developed because of the lack of good transportation, which makes it difficult for people in the area.

The people’s need must be improved, and the condition must be elevated, by building a better road, they will have a better life and development will be reach faster.

The prime minister has also raised the slogan, "Ratanakkiri, muddy and unpaved road, its hard to leave but once you do, it’s hard to come back.The areas are often difficult to access. Travelling is not easy.”

He has recalled a visit to China in 2004 that he had called on his Chinese friends to connect roads in the Northeast region due to the difficulty of traveling from Phnom Penh to those provinces.

He has also said that through building a good connection ,another step for Cambodia’s progress.

The ongoing construction of roads in the Northeast , mostly from grants and loans from the People's Republic of China.

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