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Exchange of Correspondence Between Cambodia’s Prime Minister , 2022 ASEAN Chair and US President Joe Biden

PHNOM PENH: In a letter sent by the US President Joe Biden to Prime Minister Hun Sen has stated, the US administration looks forward to working with Cambodia as 2022 ASEAN Chair. The letter further says, under Cambodia's chairmanship, the United States hopes to both grow our relationship with ASEAN and continue to pursue our common goals in the region.

The United States has made sure that it is committed to ASEAN centrality and remains steadfast in its support for an ASEAN-centered regional architecture at the heart of the Indo-Pacific. I expect you have already received from Indonesia, in its capacity as country coordinator for the United States in ASEAN, the enclosed correspondence conveying my intent to invite ASEAN leaders to join me in Washington for a special summit in the coming months.

President Biden has reached out to Prime Minister Hun Sen personally as well to underscore that he has looked forward to welcoming the Cambodia’s premier to Washington at the earliest opportunity.

While Prime Minister Hun Sen has thanked the US President , also in a letter expressing the US Presidents’ intention to invite him and ASEAN Leaders to attend the Special ASEAN-U.S. Summit in the coming months and his desire to further strengthen the relations between ASEAN and the U.S. under Cambodia's Chairmanship of ASEAN.

As the ASEAN Chair for 2022, Prime Minister Hun Sen wishes to reiterate Cambodia's strong commitment and full support for the U.S. to convene the ASEAN-US Special Summit in Washington, D.C. I am confident that the Summit will provide a good opportunity for us to exchange views on how to further advance the ASEAN-US cooperation.

Prime Minister Hun Sen says he is looking forward to working closely with President Jo Biden and to see him in person in Washington, D.C.

And Cambodia’s premier has renewed assurances of his highest consideration on the invitation of the US President

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