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Ministry of Education Announces Exam Results Will Be Maintained After Investigation

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has announced that it will no longer accept complaints and appeals from candidates regarding their results from the recent high school baccalaureate exam, and will be keeping the results the same.

The Ministry made this announcement after the completion of a forensic investigation into the results of the baccalaureate exam on 27 December 2021. The forensic committee concluded after the investigation that the results would not be changed.

"For students who failed the exam, the Ministry encourages them to study hard with the support of teachers, parents, guardians and the community to succeed in the exam next year,” the Ministry wrote.

The results of the high school Baccalaureate exam were announced on 14-15 January 2022, with a total of 72,016 candidates receiving passing marks, which is 65.65% of the 114,187 candidates who took the exam.

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