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Citizens Agree to Peace Award to Samdech Techo

PHNOM PENH: The Prime Minister of Cambodia Samdech Techo Hun Sen has been selected as the 2022 Sun Hak Peace Prize in South Korea. The EAC News team has interviewed people and students on their views on the victory, and the answer is similar: they are satisfied with the peace that Samdech Techo deserves.

Suon Serey Vattanak, a mathematics student at the Royal University of Phnom Penh said "I am very proud to hear this news, because under the leadership of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, there has been stability, peace, progress in all areas. We have infrastructure including road, waterway especially he has liberated the people in 1979 from the Pol Pot regime, which revived Cambodia, a new life that makes the Cambodian people have peace and stability to this day."

At the same time, IT student Sok Chinda has also shared his similar opinion : "As a student, I am very pleased that the Prime Minister has received the SunHak Award in 2022."

As a street vendor, Chun Srey Mao, 36, has expressed her excitement at the leadership's award, saying: "I would like to thank the leader for bringing peace from the beginning. And I would like to send a message to all Cambodians to help each other, love each other, especially to support the government.

Pich Kun, a 50-year-old tuk-tuk driver, has said that Samdech Techo deserved the Peace Award because he had led the country to peace and development that would give people the opportunity to do business.

Kun has added : "I would like to send a message to all our Khmer people that in our country has everything, so we do not have to go anywhere because we can do any business. I would like to urge all citizens to help unite to build peace as we go everywhere, must respect as Samdech Techo as he said is not wrong, it is good by following his leadership.

Samdech Techo will receive the 2022 Sunhak Peace Prize on February 12, 2022 in Seoul, Korea.

President of the Sun Hak Peace Foundation, Mr. Tomash G. Walsh, stated that the selection of Samdech Techo for this award is due to the strong leadership of Samdech as the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia for many years that really contributed to the building of stability, economic development and peace in the Kingdom and in the whole of Southeast Asia.

The Sunhak Peace Prize was created to recognize dignitaries and institutions that have served humanity, which can serve as a model for a better world for future generations. The Sun Hak Peace Prize is an international peace award established in 2015 to commemorate the peace vision of the founders, Mr. Sun Mon Moon and Dr. Hak Jahan Moon.

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