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Chan Vathanaka’s Father Thanks Prime Minister and Bun Rany Hun Sen for Helping His Son’s Medical Treatment

PHNOM PENH: The Secretary of State for the Ministry of Agriculture and father of Chan Vathanaka, one of Cambodia's best football players, Chan Chesda wrote on his Facebook page thanking Prime Minister Hun Sen, and his wife, Bun Rany Hun Sen, for their support of $ 50,000 to help treat Mr. Chan Vathanaka who suffered a knee injury and underwent surgery.

Mr. Chan Chesda wrote on his Facebook page: "On behalf of my son, and as his parents and the whole family of Chan Vathanaka, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Prime Minister and Samdech Bun Rany Hun Sen who has donated the amount of $ 50,000 to treat my son's injuries. I would like to wish Prime Minister and his wife, sons, daughters and grandchildren, good health, strength, wisdom, long life to be able to continue to lead Cambodia to more progress and prosperity.”

The Boeung Ket Football Club yesterday has announced that Chan Vathanaka's right knee has suffered Anterior Cruciate Ligament, the cruciate ligaments control the back and forth motion of a knee. It needs an immediate surgery.

The family and doctors are currently preparing documents to send him for surgery in Thailand.

Chan Vatanaka also wrote on his Facebook page yesterday: "Do not panic, do not be afraid, I just rested for a while, it was just a small operation for me, I am not afraid, I used to be off the field and not playing for six to seven months, but I can come back, just this small injury, thank you everyone for giving me strength and encouragement, see you in six months .”

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