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Ministry of Agriculture Launches Strategy to Boost Agricultural Economic Growth Amid the Pandemic

PHNOM PENH: The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Mr. Veng Sakhon, have given key recommendations for the implementation of the Continuation Plan for 2022, with the implementation of the Strategic Framework for Rehabilitation and Growth Program in the context of Covid-19 in 2022.

At the closing ceremony of the meeting to review the results of 2021 and the direction of implementation in 2022 at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Mr. Veng Sakhon has confirmed that the strategy to restore and promote economic growth in the context of Covid-19 will be followed recovery Reform Resilience, which includes a 40 percent Grant Matting investment to farmers, producer groups / agricultural communities to promote the production of Foundation Seeds and Certificate (Camilisc Seeds) of Fragrant Rice (Romduol and Fragrant), Cassava and Cashew Varieties with Disease and Climate Resilience Standards through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Mechanism.

In addition, capacity building for agricultural production associations and communities and promotion of contract farming on mangoes, cassava and vegetables will be promoted, promoting good agricultural practices and meeting the hygiene and phytosanitary requirements for mangoes, Pailin longan, pepper, turmeric and fragrant coconut. Invest in wholesale markets, infrastructure, quality control, safety and, most importantly, harmonize and integrate action plans and projects related to agriculture and agro-industry, supported by state budgets and partner budgets in management reform public strategies investment.

Mr. Veng Sakhon has also recommended to continue to mobilize the private sector and encourage more investment in safe vegetable production using modern technology, intelligent cultivation, modern net houses, water saving techniques, plastic bag cutting, reduce water consumption, reduce labor as well.

According to the report of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2021, Cambodia has exported a total of 15.40 million tons of agricultural products, 7.98 million tons of certified agricultural products to 68 countries (2.19 million tons of rice, 1.64 million tons of dried cassava slices, cassava 1.10 million tons of fresh rice, 620 thousand tons of bananas, 420 thousand tons of yellow bananas, 240 thousand tons of fresh mangoes and 200,000 tons of corn).

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