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Fifth Committee of the National Assembly Tells Charles Santiago and His Party to Be Moral and Accept the Truth

PHNOM PENH: The Fifth National Assembly's Special Committee on Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, Propaganda and Information of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia has dismissed the allegations made by the Chairperson of ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights, Charles Santiago, during Prime Minister Hun Sen’s visit to Myanmar.

Charles Santiago told Malaysian media yesterday that Prime Minister Hun Sen was using a cowboy diplomacy (risky politics and military) in Myanmar and was undermining the evolution of ASEAN consensus for Myanmar.

In a statement issued on 24 January, the Fifth Committee of the National Assembly of Cambodia described Charles Santiago's remarks as "utter opposition to peace and immorality."

The statement added, "Indeed, only corrupt and partisan people who take refuge under the pretext of human rights dare to ignore the good intentions and efforts of Prime Minister Hun Sen to promote an atmosphere of peace and reconciliation as well as the protection of the lives of the people of Myanmar."

The National Assembly's Foreign Affairs Committee, chaired by Sous Yara, has suggested that Charles Santiago should re-educate himself to be polite and accept the facts.

The statement said that Prime Minister's visit to Myanmar has achieved many results, such as extending the ceasefire until the end of 2022, opening the door to humanitarian aid, pledging support to the ASEAN Special Mission, which supports ASEAN’s Five-Point Consensus on Myanmar, and which acts as the foundation of peace and reconciliation in the country.

The statement added, “Charles Santiago and his allies should accept the fact that Prime Minister Hun Sen's visit shows a personal sacrifice in building peace for Myanmar, as well as the well-being and human rights of the Myanmar people, as he and the Cambodian delegation put themselves in danger, both during the Covid-19 pandemic and in the ongoing crisis in Myanmar."

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