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Cambodian Tourism Social Network and Mobile App Brings Together Travel Lovers

PHNOM PENH: A group of young people have created a new social networking app called “Uot App”, which compiles information on tourist hotspots in Cambodia, and doubles as a social media platform for travel enthusiasts. The concept of this platform was first launched in 2020 and the app was made available for download in app stores in 2021.

The app developers say that they hope to bring together Cambodian travel enthusiasts to share their experiences as well as present new interesting destinations in the country. The founder of Uot App, a fellow travel enthusiast himself, Soveaddhh Pech, said that the creation of this mobile app not only brings together travel enthusiasts, but also supports the Cambodian tourism industry.

He said, “Uot in Khmer means to show off, but [with this app] we show off in the positive way, not the negative way. When we have something like the beautiful tourism [destinations] of Cambodia, it’s beautiful and very amazing, so why don’t we show off?... We should show off to everyone, show off how beautiful Cambodia is to international users. That is why I named the platform Uot App”.

The UotApp is available for download on the iOS AppStore and Google Playstore. Through the app, users can post their personally made tours and also promote travel products. Soveaddhh added that the platform has a dual appeal for both travelers and business owners, as it will provide a taste of local travel, as curated by Cambodians, but will also act as a platform for business owners to advertise their services and products.

The UotApp has so far been downloaded by more than 5,000 people, and has received three awards, including the Green Industry Award, the Khmer Enterprise Award and the Awardee of Khmer Tourism for Future Incubation.

Soveaddhh expects that this app will be more popular not only for Cambodians but also for foreign tourists. He added that he and his team were confident that the app would be successful because of their shared passion and belief that technology can support Khmer tourism, and also because they have a very clear plan for their startup’s future.

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