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Ministry of Environment Incorporates Crane Bird Information into Curriculum in 3 Target Schools

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PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Environment has decided to include lessons on the environment and cranes bird information in students' curricula in three schools in Borei Chulsa and Koh Andet districts, Takeo province, to promote biodiversity conservation in the Boeung Prek Lpov landscape protection area.

During the visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Environment to find out about the progress of the wetland conservation project of Boeung Prek Lpov Landscape Protection Area on Sunday, 16 January, the spokesman of the Ministry of Environment, Mr. Neth Pheaktra has confirmed that the Ministry is currently implementing four important activities are biodiversity conservation, community improvement, education advertising, outreach and research.

For outreach education, the Ministry has included education programs on environmental issues and cranes bird information in the curriculum of three target schools: Sangkum Meanchey Primary School, Kdol Chrum Primary School and Banteay Thleay Primary School to raise students' awareness of the importance of biodiversity. Especially cranes in the protected area of Boeung Prek Lpov. The Ministry of Biodiversity Conservation has set up a sub-office to strengthen and build a size pool in the 16-hectare reservoir construction area to store water permanently to support waterfowl, especially cranes. In addition, the ministry also has various outreach programs, such as screenings of educational films and mobile audio broadcasts in villages adjacent to protected areas.

He added that at present, the ministry has planted 5 hectares of flooded forest and 25 hectares of tubers for cranes to feed on and has controlled the invasive species such as Mimosa pigra, Epidemic vines and locusts too.

He believes that promoting crane bird conservation in the area will improve the lives of the community.

Boeung Prek Lpov Landscape Protected Area covers an area of 8,305 hectares and is rich in biodiversity, including 132 species of birds, 138 species of fish and 30 species of aquatic plants. Recent research has shown that biodiversity is on the rise in this area, especially the snail population, which has grown to thousands and has no less than 2,186 nests. Many more, such as Prey Veng birds and large cucumbers.

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