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Londoners Dismayed Over PM Johnson’s Lockdown Party

INTERNATIONAL: Londoners have called for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to apologize on Wednesday after revelations of a "bring your own booze" party at Downing Street during a Covid-19 lockdown.

Opposition lawmakers have called for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign, and some from his own Conservative Party have also said he should quit if he is found to have broken strict laws his government brought in to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In London, law student Daniel Millar has said Prime Minister Johnson was in a shocking position and called on the Conservative Party to take responsibility for the scandal, and the prime mnister should apologise. She has further said, it’s such an embarrassing position to be frankly for him for the country as a whole of which he is supposedly a figurehead.position to be in and yes hopefully someone in the Conservative Party will take responsibility for it.

A Sales Manager from London, Lexy Amour says she was dismayed ; “Hundred percent because so many of us haven't been able to see our loved ones over certain periods because of COVID and they just break the rules and do what they want and they've been doing gatherings, they've been probably seeing their families and a lot of us haven't and we don't know where the years have gone since COVID and they just do what they want, so yeah ridiculous."

The Prime Minister and his partner Carrie had mingled with about 40 staff in the garden of Downing Street after his Principal Private Secretary Martin Reynolds sent an email invitation for the party using the pronoun "we.”

Johnson, who won a landslide election victory in 2019, has faced intense scrutiny over the past month after a video emerged showing his staff laughing and joking about at a different party also held in Downing Street during the 2020 Christmas lockdown.

This latest scandal, if substantiated by an internal inquiry, would be the most damaging yet for Johnson's future. His own lawmakers show signs of losing patience after a series of scandals, and polls show Johnson's Conservative Party slipping behind Labour.

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