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Djokovic Back in Training After Court Ruling

INTERNATIONAL: Novak Djokovic's family hailed the "biggest victory" of the world tennis number one's life, and said the battle to overturn the cancelation of his visa would only make him stronger at the Australian Open.

From one court to another, Novak Djokovic is back in training.

The men's world tennis number one was released from Australian immigration detention on Monday after winning a legal challenge to remain in the country and defend his Australian Open title.

Fans in Australia and back home in Serbia welcomed the news that Judge Anthony Kelly had found the Australian federal government's decision to cancel Djokovic's visa to be 'unreasonable', because the player was not given enough time to speak to tennis organizers and lawyers to respond fully after he was notified of the intent to cancel his visa.

The tennis star's family, including brother George, were delighted with the ruling: "I’ve got to say how much I admire judge Kelly and the way he led with the whole court process because I think it was detailed, it was very thorough and it was very neutral and I want to thank him in front of the family for leading the process in such way and for showing the world the world the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

But it received a much more mixed reception from some Melbourne residents.

"I think the decision that has been overturned is a little bit unfair because, you know obviously if you're coming from an international place, then you do have to be vaccinated and you know, it's not like so much you get special treatment just because of the status that they hold." Said one of the residents.

Another citizens said: "There's just both sides to it. There's the side where he's… you know he was led in and then now he's come all the way here and they're saying he can't play. But then on the other hand, there's all the players in the Oz (Australian) Open who have done the right thing, have gotten vaccinated and they're playing because they're allowed to be here, so it's just bit of both."

A spokesman for Australia's Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said he was considering using his personal power to again revoke Djokovic's visa - which could include a 3-year ban on re-entering.

According to court documents Djokovic tested positive for COVID-19 on December 16, allowing him a medical exemption to come to Australia.

But questions have been raised about whether he attended an event on December 17 - something that was put to the Djokovic family during a press conference. "Was he out and about on the 17th of December, in Belgrade?"

In which George, Djokovic’s brother, concluded: "Ok this press conference is adjourned at the moment. Thank you for your attention."

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