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Royal Government Launches Mechanism to Promote Vaccination and Prevent Spread of Covid-19

PHNOM PENH: The Royal Government of Cambodia issued a four-point mechanism in response to new community transmitted cases of the Omicron variant, on Tuesday. So far, Cambodia has reported 14 community transmitted cases of the new variant.

Under the mechanism, 'Promoting Covid-19 Vaccination and Strengthening the Implementation of Health Safety Measures to Combat and Prevent the Spread of Covid-19, Especially the New Omicron Variant', which was introduced to the national vaccine program, capital-provincial governors, other relevant mechanisms and the general population are instructed to accelerate the rate of Covid-19 vaccinations both locally and regionally.

The mechanism is also intended to continue monitoring the daily implementation of Covid-19 vaccinations, especially to coordinate vaccination teams according to the situation in each locality, and to ensure timely supply and adequate supply of vaccines both in the capital and in the provinces.

In addition, the mechanism also points to placing more attention on activities related to educating people more widely about the need for Covid-19 vaccines to encourage everyone to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible. The mechanism also stresses the necessity of taking measures to further strengthen and promote the implementation of the ‘3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts’ policy as well as all other established health safety measures.

Cambodia currently has reported a total of 14 community-transmitted cases of the Omicron variant. Cambodia has also achieved almost 90% vaccination among the 16 million population aged five and over, with about four million people having also received their booster shots.

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