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Biden Returns to White House, After a Democrat Dealth a Blow to His Investment Bill

INTERNATIONAL: U.S. President Joe Biden has returned to the White House from Delaware early Monday morning, a day after a key Democrat dealt a blow to his signature domestic investment bill.

Biden has stepped out of Marine One and has walked past journalists as they shouted questions about the future of the bill.

On Sunday, Sen. Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat from West Virginia, has said he would not support the $1.75 trillion package known as “Build Back Better”, which aims to expand the social safety net and tackle climate change. Senator Manchin’s announcement drew a sharp rebuke from the White House and sent Democrats scrambling for a resolution following the setback.

Biden is also expected to speak on Tuesday about the surge in COVID cases and drive home his message to unvaccinated Americans to get a shot and for those who are vaccinated to get a booster.

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