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Syrian People Condemn US killing of Innocent Civilians in Name of Fighting Terrorism

INTERNATIONAL: The Syrian people have expressed strong indignation over and condemnation of the evil acts of killing innocent civilians by the United States in the name of counter-terrorism in the country.The recent exposure of several cases involving U.S. soldiers killing innocent Syrian civilians has aroused widespread concern in Syria.

"The U.S. excuse for the frequent civilian deaths is for counter-terrorism purposes. But the truth is that the U.S. is occupying our land in the disguise of fighting terrorism, which only brings more destruction and civilian deaths. The U.S. acts in fact are downright invasion and occupation," a Syrian resident has commented.

"The U.S. acts are blatant invasion and occupation by providing a lot of support to terrorists and extremism groups to wreak havoc on and destabilize our country. They are also looting our oil in the eastern region. The U.S. is the chief culprit for civilian deaths in the name of counter-terrorism," another resident has said.

Locals have said in addition to killing innocent civilians, the United States also covets Syria's rich resources in the northeastern province of Hasakeh, seeking to seize everything from wheat to oil and gas.

"The regions occupied by the United States are rich in resources and economically developed. By occupying these areas, the U.S. intends to control the economic lifeline of Syria, seriously affecting the Syrian national economy and plunging people here into dire straits, and in doing so, puts pressure on the Syrian government," said Suha Gusaini, a female resident.

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