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Successful Dragon Boat Race Training Completed in Kandal

Kandal: The basic training course for technical officers and organizers of the traditional international “Dragon Boat” race was successfully completed after running for five days (12-16 December), at Hun Sen Takhmao High School, Kandal Province.

The Permanent Vice President of the Cambodian Canoeing Federation, Meas Sarin, said that the training course for technical officers and organizers of the Dragon Boat race in Kandal is a new achievement reached at the end of 2021. The Federation is prepared to organize the 8th Dragon Boat race competition, which will be held from 23-25 December 2021, and looking forward to selecting a new national champion.

Permanent Vice President Meas Sarin added that although this training course is short, he hopes that this will play an important part in developing the skills of the technical officials so that they can gain more knowledge about Dragon Boat racing. He further gave encouragement to the trainees to continue in their efforts to improve their Dragon Boat racing skills.

Out of the 46 participants from the training course, the Cambodian Canoeing Federation is planning to send some officials who know English fluently to participate in international level boat racing courses, so that they can gain experience and apply that knowledge to serve the traditional international sport of Dragon Boat canoeing and roaming in Cambodia, and help it grow more.

The Secretary General of the Cambodian Canoeing Federation, Chea Bunheng, also encouraged all trainees who are technical officers to continue their efforts to promote the development of the Cambodian canoeing industry, especially to help organize this year's national championship to be successful.

This training course lasted for 5 days and had a total of 46 participants. The course focused on the roles and responsibilities of the organizing committee, the officer in charge, the secretary, the referee, the conductor, the judges, the finalists and the roles and responsibilities of the officials, the boat inspection committee, the athletes, and the main knowledge.

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