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Director Ho Sethy Proposes Action Against Those Who Use His Name to Oppress Others

PHNOM PENH: The Director of Prime Minister Hun Sen's Cabinet, Ho Sethy, expressed his dissatisfaction with the news that the President of the Mondulkiri Provincial Court, Teang Sotha, used his name to pressure landowners to give up land for his party, which he sees as defamation, strongly condemns and requests all authorities to take legal action against those who use his name to commit this crime.

In a letter to the public, Director Ho Sethy said he was shocked to see that the Mondulkiri Provincial Court President had used his name to put pressure on landowners to give up part of their land to the party, Deputy Prosecutor of Siem Reap Province, Sar Vuthea, in exchange for ending the land dispute and release the landowner.

Director Ho Sethy stated that he had never heard the names of Teang Sotha or Sreng Vuthea before, and he also does not know the name of the accused landowner.

He added, "I have great hatred for the wicked and filthy people who commit immoral acts by tarnishing the reputation of others that don’t even know them, and I strongly condemn them, and let the authorities take action according to the law force against these lowly people."

This morning, a social media post reported that the President of the Mondulkiri Provincial Court, Mr. Teang Sotha, had filed a lawsuit against the landowner, citing a letter that had not been properly recognized and that the name of the director of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet had been used to suppress the landowner to divide the land to their party, Sreng Vuthea, in exchange for ending the land dispute and releasing the landowner.

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