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Sihanoukville Casino Closed due to Alleged Human Rights Abuses

Sihanoukville: An alarming accusation has led to prompt action being taken by police authorities at Preah Sihanouk provincial administration. They have moved to close down Ting Sing Casino in Sihanoukville for allegedly confining, and torturing people. The staff are currently questioning people & management linked to the establishment. Several reports have been published about the alleged illegal detention, torture and extortion of the different nationals working in Sihanoukville casino.

Finally on Wednesday, Sihanoukville authorities released a statement about the reports of serious human rights abuses. In the closure order signed by Sihanoukville Governor Kouch Chamroeun, it has stated that the decision to close down the Ting Sing Casino is to give way for the investigation. It has also clearly specified that while investigation is ongoing, the casino cannot be sold, rented or donated. Workers’ benefits and wages have been also secured.

According to the letter from the Governor, the business of Ting Sing Casino has not been properly implemented in accordance with the Notification No. 907/21 dated 27 September 2021 of the provincial administration and other legal documents that are still in force. It has added that according to the report of the Sihanoukville Provincial Police, on 14 December 2021, there was a case of arrest, torture and extortion in the above Ting Sing Casino and was cracked down on by the competent forces. This was also according to the reports from the victims.

Governor Kouch Chamroeun has formed an investigating team with a joint member of the provincial administration, police, military police and relevant departments to check the irregularities of Ting Sing casino. The owners and managements are facing complaints of illegal detention, torture to extort money, and other human rights abuses.

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