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MLVT: Cambodia Works on Raising Minimum Wage

PHNOM PENH: Minister of Labor and Vocational Training Ith Samheng emphasizes that Cambodia has continued to raise the minimum wage during the opening ceremony of the Workshop on Dissemination of the Global Wage Report 2020-2021 on Wednesday. It has been two consecutive years that Cambodia and other regional countries postponed or did not provide opportunities for minimum wage negotiations during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Minister says this installation demonstrates the Royal Government's commitment to ensuring and maintaining the livelihood of workers based on the approach of assessing the balance between adverse socio-economic and employment impacts on the sustainability of factories and enterprises in addition to protecting the income of workers and their families in accordance with the recommendations of the International Labor Organization

The workshop on “Dissemination of the Global Wage Report 2020-2021” aims to disseminate awareness and update more information on the development of the regional minimum wage system and how to strengthen labor market institutions and effective wage policy in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic. The report, released in 2020-2021, examines the global minimum wage system and its role in reducing social inequality, as well as how minimum wage can be set or negotiated.

The workshop also highlighted the continued active support of the ILO with the Royal Government in contributing to the development of employment and vocational training aimed at improving the living standards of workers, promoting attractiveness and resilience favorable environment for business, trade and investment activities in Cambodia and aimed at responding to current and future trends in changes in economic structure and labor markets.

The Minister also mentioned that this workshop is a new vision in the field of labor, which reflects the importance of the National Council for the Minimum Wage to contribute to improving the living standards of workers and the harmony of industrial relations. He says that in addition, the Ministry will continue to make more efforts to strengthen the implementation of laws and regulations related to work, strengthen mechanisms and institutional capacity, and increase cooperation with relevant partners to improve the minimum wage year after year.

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