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PM Participates in the Krong Peali Ceremony to Start Filming About His Life and His Beloved Wife During Khmer Rouge Regime

PHNOM PENH: A large-scale film about the son under the full moon, a historical film that reflects the real life of Prime Minister Hun Sen and Bun Rany Hun Sen who are both outstanding descendants in the struggle to save the nation and the people of Cambodia during the genocidal regime of Pol Pot. After receiving the high permission of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Krong Peali Chamroeun Preah Berit has launched the film production on Monday morning. The historic ceremony was presided over by Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia and was attended by all senior leaders representing all institutions of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Before the religious ceremony, Prime Minister and all leaders carefully inspected the equipment for filming the series, including clothes from the Pol Pot era and weapons during the Khmer Rouge regime. Prime Minister Hun Sen’s high presence on Monday was a great honor and a great encouragement for the production team and artists to continue to perform their duties in the process of producing this historical film for both Samdechs to be successful in the future.

Before the meeting with the directors, producers, artists, Prime Minister, and all leaders offered candles, incense, flowers, perfumes, oil, spices, baskets, cakes, sesame oil, corn, beans, traditional music, traditional music, Krong Peali. They ask the owner of the water, the owner of the land, the special hand of the angels to take care of the bodyguard command of Prime Minister, which is one of the locations where the team will start filming the movie "Son under the full moon" that the coming days will be peaceful, safe and successful in all work tasks, especially to be considered as a historical work of the country and the people of Cambodia, reflecting the real life of the Prime Minister and his wife, who are outstanding descendants.

They both experienced double in the struggle to save the nation, the motherland and the Cambodian people from the genocidal regime of Pol Pot. It should be noted that after receiving the high permission from the Prime Minister, the Commission selected five writers to edit the content of the radio drama script into a total of 44 episodes equal to 653 scenes.

The production management team inspected and selected 102 shooting locations in Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham, Tbong Khmum, Kampong Speu and Phnom Penh to decorate more shooting locations in accordance with the geographical situation and living conditions at that time.In addition, according to the high-level recommendation of the Prime Minister, the Commission organized the construction of Koh Thmor Fort, Lon Nol Fortress on the Tonle Beit and the People's Village at the Bodyguard Command Training Center (Phnom Srong).

According to the report of Secretary of State of the Ministry of Information and Chairman of the Production Committee Him Sotitya, for the film Son Under the Full Moon, following the high recommendations of the Prime Minister and his wife, the team selected 103 actors, at least 500 others and 500 bodyguards to participate in big scenes such as fight scenes, demonstrations, New Year celebrations and so on. The Chairman of the Commission continued that according to the production work plan of the 44-part film production committee, it will take at least 12 and a half months, and the editing will be completed before the middle of 2023.

Addressing the management, producers, artists and all the technical team of the film production team, Son under the full moon, Prime Minister expressed his appreciation to the team in all fields. All those who have worked hard to compile and improve the content of the story, from theatrical to the production of the series, the effort to find the actors, the research, to find the equipment, the strategy, the geographical location, to go to the filming of the story of the lower, especially now they have gathered to celebrate the prayer of Krong Peali Chamroeun Preah Berit for happiness and prosperity for the upcoming film production. During the historic ceremony, Prime Minister allowed a group of artists, actors, leaders of technical teams from all walks of life to take photos.

 In addition to filming and equipping many equipment, General Hing Bun Heang measured 1,000 military uniforms, the Pol Pot and Lon Nol Liberation Army uniforms, and prepared 2,000 more garments. Separately, some equipment, the team received from General Sao Sokha, Advisor to the Commission. In addition to the strategic equipment, Dr. Sopheachar, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts, allowed the research team to collect decorative materials from the Cambodian film studio to prepare for renovation and innovation.

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