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Ministry of Labor Instructs Stakeholders on Resolving Labor Disputes

Phnom Penh: On Monday morning, at the opening of the Tripartite Forum "On the Future of Labor Dispute Resolution by the Arbitration Council", Minister of Labor and Vocational Training Ith Sam Heng has instructed all stakeholders to study in depth the challenges that have been faced in resolving labor disputes by the Arbitration Council and to find a joint solution between investors and workers.

The Tripartite Forum has also instructed stakeholders to preserve a high sense of responsibility for the implementation of individual dispute resolution by the Arbitration Council, aimed to ensure the harmonization of industrial relations as a key factor in attracting investment.

The forum was organized in limited numbers in accordance with SOP measures and was open to video participation (Zoom) for ILO representatives, Arbitration Council representatives and the Arbitration Council Foundation, as well as representatives of employers of professional organizations and representatives of international buyers.

This tripartite forum is an important opportunity to review the achievements and challenges in strengthening industrial relations in the Kingdom of Cambodia, especially the implementation of the Joint Labor Dispute Resolution Mechanism by the Arbitration Council. Involvement of all stakeholders in supporting this mechanism is an indispensable factor in improving working conditions, ensuring harmony in industrial relations, improving the living standards of workers, and ensure business and trade sustainability to attract investment in Cambodia.

Ith Sam Heng has stated that based on the success, experience and challenges in resolving labor disputes by the Arbitration Council, all parties continue to give confidence to the Arbitration Council in resolving individual disputes as defined in the new Article 300 on the amendment of the Labor Law 2021.

In this regard, Minister of Labor Ith Sam Heng has stressed that today's tripartite forum will make a significant contribution to setting

a common direction, resulting in the consensus and support of all stakeholders on the future of resolving labor disputes by the Arbitration Council effectively and transparently in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

In order to participate and push for this forum to achieve the planned results, the Minister affirmed that joint labor dispute resolution procedures by the Arbitration Council will continue to be implemented in accordance with the provisions in force. The settlement of individual disputes by the Arbitration Council shall be carried and the actual implementation depends on the situation and readiness of the Arbitration Council in all aspects, including human resources, location and financial factors.

The Minister has also encouraged the continuation of multilateral financial support mechanisms, but avoided the movement to demand the deduction of workers' contributions through unions to support the Arbitration Council's finances during and after the economic recovery by Covid-19.

It’s believed the movement to demand the deduction of workers' contributions through unions to support the Arbitration Council's finances during Covid-19 may negatively affect the strengthening of professional relations and improve the living standards of workers.

The forum has also stated that recruitment and training of additional new arbitrators is essential to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the Arbitration Council. At the same time, Ith Sam Heng has also instructed the National Institute of Labor to start organizing the training of arbitrators in accordance with the content of the sub-decree on the establishment of the National Institute of Labor.

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