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WHO: “Complacency” on Covid-19 Can be Dangerous

PHNOM PENH: World Health Organization Representative to Cambodia Dr. Li Ailan has reminded people in the Kingdom of Cambodia that “complacency” on the Covid-19 can be dangerous. She has urged everyone to make every day’s right choices on doing their lifestyles and act together to sustain Cambodia’s success in fighting Covid-19 while embracing for a New Year. She has added that the pandemic is not over and that people’s collective journey continues.

WHO Representative to Cambodia Dr. Li Ailan says collective safey is based on individual actions. She has advised people to be vigilant and continue to act responsible and happily so there are no regrets as the country has fully reopened despite the new variants of Covid-19 emerging, including Omicron.

Dr. Ailan says that the real-world experience in fighting Covid-19 over the last two years, especially in coping with the new variants like Delta, provides key lessons on what to do and how to prepare for future surges in a more sustainable way including possible surge due to Omicron. She has warned everyone not to be complacent against Covid-19. She says that it has been a long journey in fighting against the pandemic and that Cambodia has made a remarkable achievement, especially its vaccines roll-out.

As of Sunday, 101.18% of the 10 million targeted population of the adult population has had at least one dose of the vaccine; 98.90% of 12-17 years old; 104.82% for six to 12 years old; and 94.27% for five years old children. In total for the population of 16 million, the vaccination has now reached 88.78%.

The WHO says with emergence of a new COVID-19 variant named Omicron, the world is cautious of another wave of COVID-19 transmission The Ministry of Health officials with the support of WHO are working to address this challenge and to see what impact this variant will have on existing COVID-19 tools and measures.

WHO says that while there is currently no evidence of Omicron here in Cambodia, learning from Delta’s circulation, it can be anticipated that the virus could silently enter the country any day, it is just a matter of time. Dr. Li Ailan has stressed that there is still a long way to go and that Covid-19 is not yet over.

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