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PM Hun Sen Thanked Journalists and Media Agencies on their Hard Work During the Pandemic

PHNOM PENH:​ Prime Minister Hun Sen has re-acknowledged the critical role of journalists, and has appreciated their hard work during the COVID-19 time, and encouraged them to continue sticking to their professionalism.

The prime minister in his open letter has elated the Editors Forum on "COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities for Journalists" organised by the Club of Cambodian Journalists (CCJ) on Saturday, 11 December.

He thanked all the journalists and media agencies who have worked hard despite the pandemic-driven risks to support and contribute to the government’s response and containment of COVID-19. The commitment to pursue the reality on the ground, he has highlighted, helps stop the fake news and disinformation cooked by a small few with their hidden agenda to harm Cambodia.

The theme of this year's Editors Forum well respond to the current situation in Cambodia as well as the world being threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in terms of public health and economy.

He ended by encouraging all journalists to continue exercising their role ethically and with integrity, not to violate the laws for the sake of personal interest, and to stay safe from the COVID-19.

The Editors Forum aims to exchange views and experiences in the past and set forward objectives to further enhance the capacity and knowledge for journalists to carry out their work professionally and responsibly. The effort is expected to eventually promote journalism quality and good image of media institutions as well as the press freedom enshrined in Cambodia's Constitution and Press Law.

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