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U.S. President Joe Biden Pledges Fund to Support Free Press Worldwide

INTERNATIONAL: During the kick off of virtual democracy summit with leaders from democratic nations on Thursday, U.S. President Joe Biden has stated that the United States stand at an inflection point in the history, in his view, the choices the country make, and in the next. And this moment are going to fundamentally determine the direction the world is going to take in the coming decades. Will America allow the backward slide of rights and democracy to continue unchecked, or together have a vision and courage? To once more lead the march of human progress and human freedom forward.

Biden has said a free press was critical to democracy at the event hosted by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. United States is committing critical seed money to launch a new multilateral effort or international fund for public interest media to sustain independent media around the world and through USAID. U.S. is going to be standing up a new defamation defense fund for journalists to help protect investigative journalists against nuisance lawsuits designed to prevent them from doing their work

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