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BREAKING NEWS: Chinese FM: US Attempt to Evaluate Sino-Cambodian Relations Will Fail

PHNOM PENH: The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its spokesman Wang Wenbin, has vowed to support Cambodia in defending its national sovereignty and dignity, as well as to stand with the Cambodian people forever against any attempt to destroy its country.

The statement was an answer to questions from journalists asking that the United States will increase measures to limit its imports with Cambodia and ban the sale of weapons and military equipment to Cambodia on the grounds that Cambodia violates human rights, corruption and the increase of presence of the Chinese troops in its territory.

Wang Wenbin responded, "This is a clear and explicit act of oppression that violates the basic code of conduct of international relations."

The Chinese side strongly opposes the act of the United States. China and Cambodia have been knows with their all-round strategic cooperation, partnership and friendship being described as "strong as a steel". Accordingly, the traditional ties between the two countries have undergone all kinds of tests, making them stronger and more inseparable.

Wenbin stressed, "The US's malicious attempts at Sino-Cambodian relations will fail."

On Friday afternoon, Prime Minister Hun Sen has ordered all armed units to either recall or destroy all US weapons and military equipment in Cambodia, if any. He said that the American weapon is the weapon of the loser and the weapon that has made Cambodia indebted to this day.

Recently, Cambodian-US relations have been seen to be heating up after Cambodia tried to develop the Ream Naval Base in Cambodia's Sihanoukville province and was accused by the United States of giving China to build a military base in Cambodia. The Cambodian Prime Minister says that despite Cambodia's efforts to show honesty and openness many times, the actions of the United States are considered unacceptable as a matter interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.

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