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The Royal Government is Determined to Speed Up Demining

Ratanakkiri: First Deputy Chief of Mine Action Authority Senior Minister Ly Thuch thanked the Royal Government and people of the United Kingdom for their support in humanitarian demining in Cambodia. The senior minister has said that with the support of friendly countries, development partners and charitable organizations, Cambodia will be free from landmines and explosive remnants of war in the near future.

 Addressing the progress of Mines Advisory Group (MAG) cluster munitions clearance work in Vern Sai district, Ratanakkiri province, with the British Ambassador to Cambodia, Ms. Tina Redshaw, First Deputy Chief of the Mine Authority, Mr. Ly Thuch, has emphasized that the Royal Government of Cambodia is working with Development partners, friendly countries and charitable organizations, as well as the United Kingdom, in order to accelerate the removal of landmines and explosive remnants of war from Cambodia, as well as reduce the risk of landmines and unexploded minimum ordnance and will eliminate all landmines from Cambodia by 2025as its target.

 The British Ambassador to Cambodia, Tina Redshaw has said the United Kingdom, as well as other donors was committed to continuing to help clear mines from Cambodian territory. Redshaw has said that the Royal Government of the United Kingdom has provided assistance to MAG to join the Royal Government of Cambodia in clearing mines, providing safe land and improving the lives of people in rural areas, as well as providing various educational messages with the aim of increasing understanding landmines and unexploded ordnance, hoping that the people who received the message today will spread the word to their families and friends.

 From January 1979 to July 2021, there were 64,950 explosive device casualties recorded by CMVIS data collection officers. Of the 64,950 victims, 51,142 were mine victims, about 79 percent and 13,808 were explosive remnants of war , which is around 21 percent. 19,806 people were killed, 30 percent 36,077 were injured , 56 percent and 9,067 were crippled , 14 percent.

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