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Surveys Show US Democratic System in Serious Crisis of Confidence

INTERNATIONAL: As Americans and America's allies are increasingly dissatisfied with the United States' political system, there is growing distrust of American democracy in the country, many surveys showed recently. Most young Americans believe that the state of democracy in the U.S. is either "in trouble", or "failing", according to a new poll released Wednesday by the Harvard University Kennedy School's Institute of Politics.

The poll has showed only seven percent of young Americans think that the U.S. democratic system is functioning well, 39 percent believe the system is in trouble, and 13 percent view the country as a failed democracy. Besides, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), a Swedish think tank, has published a report on global state of democracy in November, listing the U.S. among the countries undergoing democratic erosion.

The secretary-general of the International IDEA,Kevin Casas-Zamora has said the state of democracy in the U.S. has deteriorated markedly, which reflected the increasing tendency of questioning credible election results, the suppression of participation in elections, and the rising serious polarization.

At least 19 states in the U.S. have passed 33 new laws to restrict voting rights this year.The legislatures controlled by the Republican Party in some states redraw constituencies for the interests of political parties, significantly depriving ethnic minorities of the right to vote.

Meanwhile, a Gallup poll released in October 2020 has showed only 19 percent of Americans are very confident in the presidential election, which was the lowest record in the poll since 2004. The Wall Street Journal has also pointed out in November that in 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, Americans' confidence in the country's democratic system fell to its lowest point in 20 years.

In addition, some U.S. allies believe that American democracy is not a good example, according to a recent survey from the Pew Research Center.The survey conducted by the institute in June 2021 showed that for 15 U.S. allies in Europe and North America, 80 percent of the people declare the current American democracy not a good example.

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