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Boosted Rice Harvest Expected for This Year

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PHNOM PENH: In the Asia section of its quarterly crop prospects report released on Thursday, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is predicting an remarkably abundant rice harvest in Cambodia this year, while crops in neighbor countries Thailand and Vietnam is expected to just reach average levels.
One of the main causes Thailand will have a near-average rice cropping is by the floods between September and October that has hit several parts of the country. Even if the country had growing production between May and August, the last quarter of the year won’t see bigger results for its total paddy production.
The FAO has stated that “In Viet Nam, production of paddy is forecast at near-average levels in 2021, as increased yields are anticipated to compensate for contractions in the planted area”.
Besides Cambodia, countries expected to receive bumper outputs are Bangladesh, China (mainland), India, the Philippines and Nepal.
The FAO report has also announced that Asian rice production is set to rise 1.3 percent compared to last year, setting a record number of 691.9 million tonnes of rice until December.
The positive figures is mostly due to this year weather conditions in the Kingdom and other favorable nations, resulting in boosted harvest at the same crop area of last year.

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