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BREAKING NEWS: PM Calls for More Compassion for PWDs

PHNOM PENH: Beyond being a Premier, Prime Minister Hun Sen is also the Honorary Chairman of the Council for Disability Action. He has issued a message on Friday during the National and International Day of Persons with Disabilities, expressing concern for the well-being of all persons with disabilities in the country. The Prime Minister has also encouraged all citizens keep improving the welfare of persons with disabilities so they can have the same opportunities as any other person in the Kingdom.

On Friday, Cambodia observes the 23rd International Day of Persons with Disabilities as well as the 39th International Day for “Environmentally and Sustainable Friendly” day. Prime Minister Hun Sen has mentioned the compassion and dedication of the King of the Kingdom of Cambodia, His Majesty Norodom Sihamoni and His Majesty the Queen Mother, who always take care of the PWDs. He has added that Majesty Norodom Sihamoni and the Queen Mother has been giving royal gifts for people with disabilities and to children affected by the pandemic of Covid-19.

The Prime Minister has also called on all ministries, institutions and competent authorities to implement the National Strategic Plan on Disability 2019-2023, updated with measures to prevent outbreaks of Covid-19 that might affect persons with disabilities, as well as encourage all persons with disabilities to maintain health measures to protect themselves from Covid-19. He further urged ministries, public and private institutions to encourage persons with disabilities who have the qualifications and ability to fulfill roles in their institutions without discrimination, in line with facility of access to public places for PWDs. This includes special parking arrangements such as ramps, equipment, handrails, specialized bathroom doors, and signs in all public and private locations.

At the same time, he called on the Ministry of Information to guide all public and private radio and television stations, or any media outlets to increase broadcast time with sign language translation, especially information on outbreaks and prevention of Covid-19. The Prime Minister has also called the Ministry of Social Affairs to accelerate the disability identification of all people with disabilities across the country, to make it easier for them to access public and private services.

According to a report of the Disability Action Council General Secretariat, 700,000 persons living with disabilities in Cambodia. The condition of persons with disabilities is constantly being assisted by the Royal Government so any person with disabilities can be able to participate in the development of the country, just like ordinary citizens.

Although Cambodia has suffered from the Covid-19 crisis, which has affected the jobs and occupations of people, especially the ones with disabilities, the Royal Government continues to provide cash to the poor and vulnerable to families with equity cards, in fact, we have provided cash to about 678,459 families, which will cost over $461 million from 25 June 2020 to 24 September 2021 61,426 persons with disabilities; 335,029 people over the age of 60 and 1958 families living with HIV also received this allowance. The Royal Government of Cambodia has decided to continue to provide cash assistance to poor and vulnerable families during the 7th round of Covid-19 which covers October, November and December 2021.

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