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BREAKING NEWS: PM Supporting His Son as the Next Prime Minister Impacts International Media

Sihanoukville: During his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the infrastructure projects in Preah Sihanouk province on Thursday morning, Prime Minister Hun Sen has announced his full support to his son Hun Manet to vie for the seat of the next Prime Minister of the Kingdom.

"Hun Manet is one of the candidates for prime minister and receives support from his father," said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

After the announcement, international media has been largely spreading the news worldwide, with dozens of journals stating the Prime Minister’s wish to give his seat to his own son.

Presses such as France24, Aljazeera, The Australian, Malay Mail, Bangkok Post, Reuters, Vice, Channel New Asia, News Fusion and Straits Time have all shared the announcement.

The Chinese Xinhua News and the Indian Times of India, as well as Vietnamese Vn Express, have all written about the breaking news.

All of them have mentioned Prime Minister’s Hun Sen additional comment that his son, Hun Manet, 44, a deputy commander of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and joint chief of staff – would have to face an election, as Cambodia is a democratic country.

The next Cambodian election for Prime Minister is expected to take place in 2023, but Prime Minister Hun Sen has stressed that Hun Manet’s succession might happen not in 2023, but the others to come. He has added that he has raised his son well, wishing him to be the next leader of the Royal Government of Cambodia, as Hun Manet is fit to be the representative of the next generation of all Khmer people.

Hun Manet is the eldest son of Prime Minister Hun Sen. He is the first Cambodian to graduate from the West Point Military Academy in the United States. He is also the Doctor of Economics at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.

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