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Kim Sokha’s Daughter Responds to Sam Rainsy’s Attitudes

PHNOM PENH: The Daughter of Kim Sokha, Samathida Kem, has made a series of tweets in her social platform, declaring that Sam Rainsy’s closests allies launched constant smear campaigns against him and her family on Khmer social media since  Kem Sokha has been arrested. Samathida has also added that she and her family were never allowed to defend themselves for the so-called “unity”.

“If your cause involves abusing your partner and silencing those defending themselves, then you’re not fighting for democracy. You’re fighting for your preferred dictatorship. I will no longer accept any misinformation spread through mouthpieces, uninformed and biased outlets” Said Samathida.

Her statement also expressed that Rainsy’s smears has been going on for decades, from racists and sexists claims: “My family put up with Rainsy’s smears for decades, from racist false claim that we were Vietnamese to sexist attacks on my sister following my father’s arrest. Any self-proclaimed anti-racist and feminist who defends Rainsy should be known as the hypocritical fool they are”.

Samathida has finished her declaration directing her discontentment to all unethical journalists, “who wrote that my father told his party to not use his name. The Candle Light Party is not his party. Sam Rainsy has his party. Rainsy is a person”.

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