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Cambodian-Americans Protest Against Sam Rainsy for Announcing that the US will Revoke Their American citizenship for Supporting Royal Government

PHNOM PENH: Banners "Sam Rainsy politics is deceptive politics", "Sam Rainsy prisoners and factions of destroying the nation" and "Sam Rainsy Stop Lying" and other were carried by the pro-government Cambodians living in the United States during a protest rally in the city Long Beach, California, on Monday. The protest is against against Sam Rainsy's announcement that the United States will revoke its citizenship if any Cambodian-Americans support the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Jonny Mountain alias Phally protested, asking Sam Rainsy to stop using the people as his political treadmill and to stop spreading false information. He says, "Even though we are American citizens, we are still Cambodians. When I swore to become an American, lawyer told me that do not forget your own nation! What should I do? Therefore, ask Mr. Sam Rainsy to stop lying and deceiving Cambodian and find another way.”

Another Cambodian living in the United States, Sotheary, has said that Sam Rainsy's attempt to file to the US court for the removal of American citizenship from Cambodians living in the United States was impossible, deceptive, and politicized by intimidation and resentment. She says, "Is it only Sam Rainsy who is a democrat?”.

Another participant, Vanessa Pheng, has said it was not illegal to love her government. She thinks that Sam Rainsy's announcement to collect money to hire a lawyer to withdraw American citizenship from Cambodian citizens is to collect money into his own pocket. She says, "I work in America, I pay taxes to America and I support the government of Cambodia, there is nothing wrong, I have not forgotten my nationality, I was born in Cambodia, so I still support the Cambodian government led by Samdech Techo."

Today Cambodian-Americans living in Massachusetts, USA, also gathered to protest.The gathering came after they were dissatisfied with Sam Rainsy's claim that the United States plans to revoke its citizenship from any Cambodian who supported the Royal Cambodian government living in the United States and was ready to hire a lawyer to sue the Cambodian citizens.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said during the inauguration of the Cambodia-China Friendship Bridge last Tuesday that the revocation of US citizenship by Cambodians who support the Cambodian government shows the undemocratic of the United States and ask Cambodians in the United States to protest and ask about this.

The Prime Minister says, “Let's protest in the United States to see if it can be withdrawn. If it is easy to withdraw, please come back to Cambodia." "[...] If the United States withdraws its citizenship, the United States is not a democracy."

Chairman of the Future Forum and also a Cambodian-American, Ou Virak, writes on his Facebook page that political participation in the United States is a right and no one can revoke nationality. He has added that revocation of US citizenship is possible within five years after receiving citizenship due to grave lying or joining a terrorist group.

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