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PM Orders Anti-Corruption Unit to Investigate Encroachment Case in Tonle Sap Lake

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has ordered the the anti-corruption unit and relevant authorities to crack down on deforestation and encroachment case in the Tonle Sap Lake. On Sunday, the Prime Minister has raised concerns about the shrinking nature of the Tonle Sap Lake due to deforestation and land expansion into the lake seriously affecting the natural resource ecosystem.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has ordered the National Gendarmerie, relevant ministries and institutions to crack down on the perpetrators, and the Anti-Corruption Unit began to investigate.

He also ordered the confiscation of the property of the perpetrators of this act and urged the perpetrators who invaded the Tonle Sap Lake to come forward and confess in order to be settled.

The Prime Minister says, "We can not tolerate! While we are trying to fight Covid-19, some of our officials act irresponsibly, without fear of the law and the nation. These people are not fit to be officials anymore! They should be in jail not be in the office. And please do not say you are working for the party for the state for a long time, but the party does not understand. We have no sympathy for such a worst action of our officials."

Prime Minister Hun Sen has received a report that a former governor of Kampong Chhnang province had encroached on more than 2,000 hectares of Tonle Sap Lake, while other governors, deputy governors and heads of departments of some provinces around Tonle Sap Lake had also committed and were involved in the crime. .

This issue comes after the prime minister received a report from the President of the Royal Academy of Cambodia Sok Touch, regarding the encroachment and clearing of the Tonle Sap Lake.According to the Prime minister, the reclaimed land will be conserved to replant flooded forest trees for the benefit of natural resources, fish habitats and ecosystems.

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