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Kem Sokha to End Ties with Sam Rainsy

Phnom Penh: Finally, the words "Sam Rainsy - Kem Sokha is one person" was ended by Kem Sokha on Sunday. He has confirmed calling on Sam Rainsy and his party to stop associating his name with Sam Rainsy.

Kem Sokha wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday stating that Rainsy and his cronies had linked his name to Rainsy's political activities without his permission.

He wrote, "Therefore, I call on Mr. Sam Rainsy and the above group to stop abusing me by using my name and photo in connection with their political ambitions, which makes the national and international confused. I would also like to confirm that I am not involved and not responsible for the actions of Sam Rainsy and the group.

After the 2012 Commune / Sangkat Council elections, the Sam Rainsy Party, led by Sam Rainsy, and the Human Rights Party, led by Kem Sokha, merged to form the CNRP to run in parliamentary elections in 2013.

However, after Kem Sokha was arrested and the CNRP was dissolved by the Supreme Court, the party alliance split and formed a series of parties to run in the upcoming elections, while the original party was the Candlelight Party (former Sam Rainsy Party) has expressed its political position to participate in the election.

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