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Battambang Governor Meets with Boeung Chhouk Market Protesters

Battambang: After nearly 100 vendors from Boeung Chhouk Market staged a protest against its demolition on Monday, Battambang Provincial Governor, Sok Loo, has met with the protesters on Tuesday evening to hear their concerns. The protesting market vendors are unhappy with the relocation notice asking them to move their shops to a new location which they see as being unfavorable for their business.

On Tuesday evening, Governor Sok Loo met with a group of nearly 100 Boeung Chhouk Market vendors who were protesting their relocation. The market vendors reported receiving a relocation notice from the provincial administration.

The Governor has confirmed the project to reorganize the space around Boeung Chhouk Market from 25 November is the city and provincial expert committees’ response to complaints from over 70 families living in the area. The complaints noted that market stalls located in front of residences blocked traffic and made it impossible for cars and bikes to smoothly pass through.

The Governor has listened to the pleas of the market vendors for nearly an hour, and then asked for their understanding as the authorities cannot provide a solution that only has one-sided benefits. He expressed the necessity to find a central solution that would be agreeable to both market sellers and apartment residents. He has said that the road space taken by market stalls must be adjusted from eight to 20 metres in order to benefit both parties. Governor Sok Loo has promised to send professional officers to re-inspect and re-assess the market area.

Market vendors have agreed to temporarily accept this proposed solution and move back to their homes. The vendors now await the provincial government’s reinspection and formulation of a new agreement that is more beneficial to all parties.

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