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Sihanoukville Celebrates National Environmental Sanitation Day

Sihanoukville: The provincial administration of Preah Sihanouk is celebrating the National Environmental Sanitation Day on Tuesday, with the theme “Clean Village, Healthy, Happy Life”.

To commemorate this day, a beach cleanup event was held at Ochheuteal Beach under the presence of Deputy Governor Long Dimanche, on behalf of Governor of Preah Sihanouk, Kouch Chamroeun. The event was attended by officials from the Department of Environment, local authorities, armed forces, and volunteering citizens including teachers and students.

Deputy Governor Long Dimanche has stated in a Facebook post that the National Environmental Sanitation Day is celebrated in order to change attitudes and inspire people to care about the environment, so that they are encouraged to keep it clean and exercise responsible waste practices. He has added that the day also aims to shift public mindset on plastic use, encouraging a decrease in the use and buy of products containing plastic since plastic pollution is impacting the environment in a significant way.

Long Dimanche ended his post by saying that National Environmental Sanitation Day is “in the hearts of the people of Sihanoukville”. He hopes that this spirit will lead the way for all human beings around the world to contribute to the protection of the environment, keeping villages clean, promoting good health and a happy life, and ultimately ensuring the sustainable development and harmonious living of all generations.

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