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Battambang Vendors Protests After Market Demolition

Battambang: Vendors from Boeung Chhouk Market in Battambang has made another protest asking authorities to allow them to continue selling at the same location. This was following a relocation notice from the provincial administration. Protesters clalim that some of the vendors have been trading at Boeung Chhouk Market for decades and that they would like the provincial governor to hear their appeal.

A group of nearly 100 Boeung Chhouk Market vendors representing more than 500 sellers gathered in front of the Battambang Provincial Hall on Monday. They are protesting against their eviction from the market amidst plans for its demolition.

The vendors called for the Provincial Governor, Sok Loo, and Parliamentary Member representing Battambang province, Chan Sophal, to heed their request to continue selling at the same market area where some have been trading for over 20 years.

The vendors reported they were displeased by the relocation notice asking them to pack up their stalls and move to a new area which is smaller and offers less opportunity of sales that cannot sustain their livelihoods.

After the protest had been underway for a while, officials from the Battambang Provincial Administrative Authority sent five business representatives to speak to the vendors and mediate a solution.

However, the vendors did not want to speak with them and instead requested a direct audience with the Provincial Governor, Sok Loo, as they said that previous meetings of the same kind did not get them the results they asked for.

The Deputy Governor, Yim Sieb, intervened and asked the vendors to return home, as Governor Sok Loo was away on duty and would only be able to meet with them the next day. The vendors agreed to disperse for the day and now await their meeting with Governor Sok Loo on Tuesday.

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