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Government Conducts Workshop for Responsible Journalism

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Information organized a workshop on Tuesday for journalists in the country. The workshop’s purpose was to provide participants with a better understanding of the profession of journalism in the country, particularly in regard to the legal framework.

On Tuesday morning, the Ministry of Information held a workshop on the "Professional Practice and Freedom of the Press within the Legal Framework of the Kingdom of Cambodia".It was attended by more than 160 media representatives along with the UNESCO Communications and Information Project Manager, and several senior government officials.

The Minister of Information, Khieu Kanharith, has urged journalists and authorities to find out more about each other's work. He added has that this workshop marked a historic opportunity for journalists, competent authorities at the Ministry of Interior and lawyers from the Ministry of Justice to meet directly and discuss any points of disagreement in their individual work practices, so that any future problems may be avoided.

The Minister also discussed the important role the press plays in a democratic society, but he also stressed that all independent journalists are not free from the rule of law or the government. He further explained that the word "independence" refers to the freedom of thought of journalists, but should not equal either absolute positions of opposition or support.

In a Facebook post made today, the Minister further expressed his grievances about the conversation surrounding journalism in Cambodia. He wrote saying that it seems 80 percent of those who talk about protecting journalists are not journalists themselves and are only using journalists to further their own ulterior motives. He hopes that the social status of real journalists will be recognized and respected.

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