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Government Set Strategic Framework Against Covid-19

PHNOM PENH: The government has launched a new strategy for living in the context of Covid-19, setting out four strategic frameworks to protect Cambodia's socio-economic resilience during the reopening of the country.

 The four strategic frameworks include

 1. Promoting the responsibility of every individual to live and to participate in socio-economic activities.

 2. Strengthening the health system, focusing primarily on the capacity for effective preparedness and timely response.

 3. Re-launch safe and sustainable socio-economic activities in conjunction with safety measures, health measures and appropriate administrative measures.

 4. Regularly monitor and evaluate the situation of the epidemic.

 To achieve this strategy, the government has decided to develop risk management policies, promote citizen participation, plan to increase accountability and carefully review regional, sectoral and sub-sector reopening. In addition, it has seen a need for health system governance, increasing the use of digital technology in the health sector and strengthening the implementation of consistent health rules.

The Royal Government says, “This strategy will contribute to ensuring the safety, public health, sustainability of socio-economic activities and paving the way for learning to live in a new normal path in the context of Covid-19, which may provide opportunities for Cambodia. Turns Crisis into Opportunity As the saying goes, "Every crisis embodies a golden opportunity that we should not overlook."

 It hopes that this strategy will become an essential tool for reviving and stimulating national economic growth, which will help boost business, trade and investment activities to adapt quickly to the new normal trajectory and also give confidence more foreign investors to come to Cambodia.

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