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Cambodia Implements Digital Literacy Training Program in Tourism

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Tourism, Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia and the Cambodian Centre have launched the "Digital Literacy Training Program in Cambodia's Tourism Sector" on Wednesday morning. It is aimed to develop the capacity of the tourism businesses and operators in line with the context of the evolution of digital technology, or "Industrial Revolution 4.0". The Digital Literacy Training Program in Cambodia's Tourism Sector is designed to meet the needs of using technology in the current context, as well as to contribute to the recovery of tourism in and after the Covid-19 crisis. It will also contribute to the development of digital knowledge and skills for private employees, business owners in the tourism sector, as well as for tourism officials at both national and sub-national levels.

Deputy Director General of Tourism Development and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism, Aing Sovannaroth has explained that explained that "digital literacy" refers to training people to be able to "find", "use", "evaluate" something they want to know. He says, for example, booking a hotel, booking a plane ticket digitally, or finding a location for an online tour. Tourism Minister Thong Khon has emphasised the importance of digital literacy, which plays an important role in supporting the recovery of Cambodia's tourism sector from the Covid-19 crisis, as well as contributing to the sustainability and competitiveness of tourism. He has said that the technology is rapidly evolving and has penetrated deeply into socio-economic activities, as well as the interconnectedness of cells in all areas of daily life. It has greatly influenced the factors of production, consumption behaviour and national economic structure including tourism.

The Minister has made three recommendation such as continuing to organize digital literacy training, promote the adoption and widespread use of technology and third the promotion of the modernization of tourism information resources for both international and domestic tourism markets using digital nurseries.

Moreover, Hun Many also shared four ideas on how to promote digital literacy in Cambodia. He says, first, training in science and technology from the basic education at the upper secondary level must be continued to strengthen. Second, the adaptation to the new technologies. Third, the strengthened cooperation government and private sector. Lastly, to continuously support the infrastructure development, especially information technology and telecommunications networks.

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