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Sam Rainsy Uses Same International Tricks to Deceive Cambodian People

OPINION: Sam Rainsy continues to use same old story to trick the Cambodian people - using international media outlets. On Monday, he shared a clipping that appeared to be from an Italian news outlet, Libero with a headline stating, "Povera Cambogia, da Pol Pot ai cinesi (Poor Cambodia, from Pol Pot to Chinese)”.

EAC News team has made a thorough research to find whether the article was really published. However, Libero's news site shows nothing about Cambodia. No article being published from the Italian news outlet the past few days. But Sam Rainsy claimed it was published on Monday.

 Sam Rainsy's old-fashioned tricks about spreading fake news have become obsolete, especially the tricks of spreading false information, misrepresenting and distorting the situation, causing readers to receive misinformation and misjudgment that leads to more or less serious problems under the influence of media.

 A political analyst and observer said that the dissemination of information needed to have a clear and specific source. Simply taking a picture and evaluating the whole situation should not be the accepted information and also affect the value of the news agency. Even if there was a post like the one posted by Sam Rainsy, the translation of the title from Italian to Khmer would not be the same as what Sam Rainsy posted on his official Facebook page.

 Sam Rainsy himself should know clearly, and should not pretend not to know to deceive only his own people like this. If politicians really want their citizens to know about the news, then Sam Rainsy himself should be clear about his propaganda.

 The experience with the British newspaper, the Guardian in early October should be a lesson foe Sam Rainsy himself to consider and reconsider disseminating this untrue information and should not use the same tricks to deceive the people just to continue the last breath of his political life that is about to end.

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