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Cambodian Reform Party Acquires Former CNRP Headquarters in Takeo as Provincial Branches

Takeo: Three locations in Takeo province that were formerly provincial and district headquarters of Cambodia National Rescue Party have been labeled by the Cambodian Reform Party as provincial headquarters. This is according to the President of the Cambodian Reform Party, Pol Ham, who made the announcement through his Facebook page on Saturday.

Ham stated, "Today (6 November 2021), I attended the opening of the Takeo Provincial Branch Office, Takeo Provincial Branch Office, Samrong District Office and Bati District Office of Takeo Province. These three offices are all former CNRP headquarters."

The former CNRP's provincial headquarters acquisition comes after former senior CNRP official Pol Ham, Ou Chanrath and other officials decided to re-enter politics in May. The Ministry of Interior has recognized them as party on 15 September.

There are four parties that have split from the former CNRP and are being recognised by the Ministry of Interior, including the Khmer Will Party of Kong Monica, the son of Kong Koam, the Khmer Conservative Party of Riel Khemrin, the Khmer Patriotic Party of Chivakat, the Cambodian Reform Party of Pol Horm and Ou Chanrath.

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