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Clean Energy Infrastructure Role Out Cambodia

Phnom Penh: The number of electric vehicles rolling on the roads in Cambodia is expected to increase as the government is drafting policy to support the sector, especially calling on the private sector to invest in infrastructure to support the E.V.s. The remarks were made in a panel discussion on Electrification of Vehicles for a Cleaner Cambodia, held on November 04 at the Raffles Hotel Le Royal.

The discussion explored the benefits and challenges of increasing the number of E.V.s in Cambodia and the impacts on the Cambodian economy, the environment, transport and urban planning, and the electricity grid.

The Australian government has supported the Ministry of Mines and Energy to develop a Renewable Energy Assessment and Integration Strategy that can act as a blueprint to policymakers to integrate more variable renewable energy into the electricity grid. Read a note from the Australian Embassy.

Australia is also the Founding Sponsor of Clean Energy Week 2021, which was held last week, it added.

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