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Cambodia’s Angkor Wat Places First in the 29 Best Places in Southeast Asia

PHNOM PENH: Cambodia’s Angkor Wat is getting more famous. It has landed in first place among the 29 Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia. It was released by Touropia Travel Guides in the middle of year with Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh also taking spots in the survey.

Angkor Wat is at the top, followed by Phnom Penh in number 20 and Sihanoukville at the 28th. These are three areas in Cambodia that were included in the 29 Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia surveyed by Touropia Travel Guides. The Angkor Wat located in the northern part of Cambodia is being praised for its archaeological sites.

Touropia Travel says that travelers should not miss Angkor. It contains some of the world’s most important cultural remains. These include the enormous Angkor Wat temple, the Bayon temple with its multitude of massive stone faces and Ta Prohm, a Buddhist temple ruin entwined with towering trees. It’s not the first time that Cambodia has been acknowledged for being one of the best tourist destinations.

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