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Green Light for Public Transport and Ferry Services

PHNOM PENH: After one year of inactivity due to the pandemic, Prime Minister Hun Sen has included in his speech on Monday requesting public transports and ferry services to start re-operating. The first phase of reoperation is programmed for test runs and will include free rides from today until Sunday.

Since last year 26 of March, the streets and waters of Phnom Penh are missing public transportation. As an initiative to restore a “new normal” in the country, Prime Minister Hun Sen has declared the Kingdom is finally open and ready for a certain normality, so public transports should resume its operations.

Starting today, Phnom Penh officials will launch a test run in those specific routes:

Line 1: from Prek Pnov Bus Station to Veal Sbov Bus Station;

Line 2: from Kouch Kanong Roundabout to Prek Samrong Bridge, in Takhmao City;

Line 3 and 4A: From Suon Russey Keo Bus Station to Borey Santepheap 2 on Russian Federation Blvd;

Line 4B: From Suon Russey Keo Bus Station to Borey Santepheap 2 on Choam Chao Blvd.

 As for the ferry services, first operations will start working from Suon Russey Keo to Takhmao bus station. But the authorities demand all passengers to comply with Health Measures by presenting a vaccination card, wearing a face mask and maintain social distancing.

During the running tests the Phnom Penh Capital Administration is allowing free rides starting today until Sunday of this week.

Regular services with charging fees will start on Monday next week.

Seniors, monks, children under 1 meter tall, students, factory workers, athletes and teachers are exempted of paying transportation.


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